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About My Brain Cue


Think of the device as an automatic electronic life coach that never takes time off.

MY BRAIN CUE combines the latest science of Neuroplasticity and electronic technology to provide the perfect self-help tool.

The popular saying of, “Use it or lose it”, is quite appropriate for the brain. The actions, thoughts and emotions we repeat or focus on become stronger while those that we don’t use eventually fade away. These are the fundamental principles of neuroplasticity that take place in each and every human brain

MY BRAIN CUE provides the mechanism (CUEs) to help engage the brains neuroplasticity by providing repeated automatic audio reminders of your positive actions or thoughts on a regular basis. This can boost the power of those positive actions or thoughts.

As time progresses, these repeated actions or thoughts become automatic as they are anchored in the subconscious. With repeated and directed attention to your desired change, you can retrain your brain.

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Neuroplasticity is the ‘muscle building’ part of the brain; the things we do repeatedly we get better at, what we don’t fades away.  That is the physical basis of why making a though or action over and over again increases it’s power.

Every time an emotion or thought is repeated, a neural pathway is reinforced within the brain. If the repeated emotions or thoughts are positive in nature, then the positive becomes more powerful and the negative becomes weaker.

We can literally become what we think and do.

A video about Neuroplasticity from our friends at Sentis

My Brain Cue Technology

Developed and tested over many years, the MBC technology was designed to record your message, and automatically play it back in your own voice whenever you passed by MY BRAIN CUE.
This patent pending technology senses body heat and movement, so it is only triggered to replay your message whenever there is movement within a 25 ft range around it, and is designed to last up to 3 months on one set of batteries, just set it and forget it!
Taking into account of those having pets or small children, the design is such that MY BRAIN CUE is not trigger to replay your message by anything lower than where you place the unit. To see Coverage Range Click Here
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