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My Brain Cue was designed by Ed MacDonald, President of mb Innovations, a Texas product design and development company.

Ed MacDonald and the team at mb Innovations have been involved in providing clients unique product development solutions for over 20 years. Our state of the art define and design processes, combined with the latest 3D CAD and 3D printing technologies, have led to the design, development and production of many ground breaking products.

Developing solutions to benefit  people in their everyday lives, is the cornerstone of the mb Innovations philosophy.

My Brain Cue was created when Ed realized there was a need in his own life to be able to really remember and recall important things such as daily words of affirmation, specific goals, new habit formations, and consistent and encouraging  reminders of his personal mission. 

Looking around he did not find a satisfactory tool to help him so he set about to develop it himself.

Realizing that the main problem was really to remember and recall important things at a deep subconscious level was the key he was looking for. So after many years of design and testing, the mb Innovations team developed MY BRAIN CUE, a simple tools that automatically replays any message you record and over time imbeds your important messages allowing for a more focused and complete consciousness around the things that are important to you.

Mr. MacDonald  brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing, developing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing OEM products. He personally designed, tested and managed production for ground breaking products such as a solar powered window shade systems, energy storage systems and motor control systems.

Additionally, he has spent the last 20 years serving as a President, Senior Consultant and Subject Matter Expert for MB Innovations, directing engineering teams to design and manufacture GPS systems, security surveillance systems, pet products, medical devices, personal electronics, sporting goods equipment, ADA modular walkways and consumer products just to name a few. While consulting with various clients’ he has utilized his proven “Define & Design, Market & Manufacture” design system to bring innovative products to market in record times.

From 2008 to 2010, Mr. MacDonald demonstrated his exceptional design abilities in creating and manufacturing a new line of innovative cash counting safe and reporting system for Armor Safe LLC. He played a key role in hiring, training and developing an international staff of support professionals, charged with supporting sales team and ensuring smooth installation of cash systems for Fortune 500 client’s operating world wide.

In 1998 he founded and built “PortaWalk,” a company that designed and developed a modular sidewalk and ramp system. He took his initial concept through all phases of design process, prototyping the models and manufacturing product. Additionally, he used his vast business expertise to set up and manage business and marketing process, guiding sales and marketing functions to sell the systems to regional client base.

From 1994 to 1998, Mr. MacDonald formed MacLock Limited, a company that produced, manufactured and sold a patented high security product that was personally conceptualized and designed by Mr. MacDonald. He filed for and was awarded two patents for this product. He served as the product champion, gathering over $2.5 million in investment capital, and gaining national exposure on such media outlets as Good Morning America; Holigan Homes “Your New House”; and Good Day Dallas Morning Show.


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