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Are you looking for a self-help tool that will help inspire you?  Do you need help with…

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Remembering words of affirmation?

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Staying on track with a goal?


Forming a new healthy habit?

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Making these things stick?

“The challenge we all face is being able to stay focused on the things we are trying to accomplish”

Introducing MY BRAIN CUE the tool that can help you

Stay energized all day with your positive words of affirmation

Achieve more by staying focused on your important goals

Get healthier by anchoring new healthy habit actions

My Brain Cue could be your answer

MY BRAIN CUE works with the fundamental principles of neuroplasticity by providing repeated, automatic, audio CUEs or reminders of your own goals, positive affirmations or new habit actions.
These repeated, automatic, audio CUEs can over time help establish deep subconscious anchors to those goals, personal affirmations or new habits actions. The result is that you can be more focused and develop a complete consciousness around achieving and realizing your goals!

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Neuroplasticity is the ‘muscle building’ part of the brain; the things we do repeatedly we get better at, what we don’t fades away.  That is the physical basis of why making a though or action over and over again increases it’s power.

Every time an emotion or thought is repeated, a neural pathway is reinforced within the brain. If the repeated emotions or thoughts are positive in nature, then the positive becomes more powerful and the negative becomes weaker.

We can literally become what we think and do.

A video about Neuroplasticity from our friends at Sentis

How does MY BRAIN CUE work

MY BRAIN CUE works with the fundamental principles of neuroplasticity by providing the repeated messages (or CUE’s) with your own automatic audio affirmations that over time can establish new pathways of thoughts deep in your subconscious. This can help in “reprogramming” limiting beliefs, encouragement, and renewed focus or anything you are striving for.

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Examples of subconscious rewiring:

  • Nationwide’s, “On your side”
  • State Farm’s, “State Farm is there”

We didn’t actively try and learn those jingles, but somehow they stick in our subconscious. Just like the repetitive subconscious exposure to those TV ads.

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